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Leisure Boat Leisure Boat SM-1

Leisure craft with exceptional durability, MONOKOK type – integrated layering of fiberglass on the upper and lower parts. The oval form of the craft also contributes to good aerodynamics. The provided stabilizers at the front and spoilers at the back lessen the negative effects of the wind in and behind the craft, thus ensuring maximum speed. The high deck of the cabin, without sharp profiles and railings and rotating seats with padded links, ensure safety and comfort even during lateral water intake after a jump.
The space provided /100cm/70cm/ for the fuel tanks, anchor, battery etc., is situated behind the rear seat, 8 cm from the lowest point of the keel, but in order to correct balance it may be removed to the front of the boat. For this purpose a space for cables is supplied below the deck. The deck configuration allows for easy and convenient cleaning.
The excellent design, with good maneuverability in mind, will allow you to enjoy the excellent sporting quality of the SM1, even in high waves.
Colors – Two colors: polivaks based- by choice:  
RAL  9010  -  white
RAL  1007  -  yellow
RAL  2003  -  оrange
RAL  3109  -  red
RAL  5010  -  dark blue
RAL  5012  -  light blue
RAL  6018  -  green